Welcome to our early birds: Livelunger & Televitas
May 10, 2024

We can again announce some future residents of WATT The Health! Two tech companies found their way to our future business centre where health and technology are central.


Livelunger, the asthma care of the future

Livelunger works with patients, specialists and lung care providers to build the asthma care of tomorrow. The app allows lung care providers to monitor patients remotely. They do this with their own team of designers and developers who have medical expertise and
combining knowledge about well-functioning digital products.


Remote monitoring of health and well-being with Televitas

Along the same lines is Televitas. This company develops technology that helps healthcare professionals and individuals monitor health and well-being remotely. Their focus is mainly on reducing loneliness, promoting independent living, receiving and providing medical or mental health care and monitoring medication or care programmes.

More info: https://televitas.com/