Clouds of care
A new home for Clouds of care
November 14, 2023

The Ghent-based company Clouds of care focuses on CNS (Central Nervous System) care and has already successfully launched their products Epilog and Somnilog. In WATT The Health, they will soon find a new base from where they want to make a difference in healthcare. We warmly welcome them!

Clouds of care

Clear data for better analysis and informed insights

We are pleased to introduce our new residents at WATT The Health. Clouds of care is a promising venture focusing on more efficient data analysis of research findings regarding to one of the most important functions in our body: our central nervous system. Think of conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dementia or sleep and wake disorders.

Epilog and Somnilog, two success stories

As mentioned in the intro, Clouds of care already launched 2 of its own products: Epilog and Somnilog.

EEG stands for electroencephalogramene. In human language: this is an examination in which brain activity is measured electrically. Clouds of care’s Epilog provides advanced EEG analysis to support EEG monitoring and EEG interpretation in epilepsy, sleep and other neurological disorders. Thus, Clouds of care contributes to optimising the care of our brains by making the results from studies more analysable.

Their other product, Somnilog, goes in the same direction. Somnilog gathers knowledge at night to give people with insomnia a better quality of sleep. The accurate AI analysis generated through Somnilog allows sleep experts to spend more time and thus provide more quality care to their patients.

From nearby or far away, many of us are affected by neurological disorders. Clear insights and innovative research methods are crucial in the search for better treatment methods, and that is where Clouds of care comes in. At WATT The Health’s business centre, they will soon continue their mission together with other companies from the health, sports and medtech sectors!