Kennissessie ontregel de zorg WATT The Firms
Knowledge session (de)regulate healthcare in WATT The Firms
September 24, 2023

That WATT The Health will be a health-centred hub is common knowledge. This location in the Kliniekstraat will be transformed into a community connecting (tech) companies in the healthcare sector. Knowledge sharing is something we strongly believe in. That is why on 11 September 2023 we invited the Voka Health community in our WATT The Firms offices to brainstorm about what can be done better in healthcare.

Less administration, more time for healthcare

“Which rule would you want to break or change to allow patients and healthcare workers to experience better care delivery and why?” A very interesting question around which there was a busy debate in our offices. It’s all about more time and more job satisfaction. It is the aim of the (De)Regulate Healthcare programme, which aims to tackle the (administrative) regulatory burden in healthcare. Together, we unravel the causes of regulatory pressure. Voka wants to help care providers and involved parties to get to work on this in their own organisations as well. A good example is already being set in the Netherlands, where the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is working on greatly reducing the administrative burden in care via (De)Regulate Healthcare.

Pictures: Voka HC

Voka Health Community

Health Community is Voka’s network for the white economy. It brings together no less than +600 knowledge centres, patient groups, care organisations and (care) companies throughout Flanders and Brussels.

Within the community, profit and non-profit organisations join forces to realise innovation in healthcare in Flanders.

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