OnTracx launch event in WATT The Firms
March 29, 2024

Get ready to revolutionize your running experience! OnTracx will be launched on Tuesday, April 23, 2024 in the event space of WATT The Firms. OnTracx is a Ghent University spin-off focusing on tracking and managing the load on your body while running.

Technology for a healthy running lifestyle

A world where every runner can continue to exercise injury-free is the goal that led to the development of this technology. OnTracx helps to gradually push limits without crossing them. A revolution in the running world!

Through a lightweight wearable sensor attached to the lower leg, the load on the body is accurately measured, with every step. Runners can use a mobile app to track the degree of stress on their body and receive tips for their next run. Healthcare professionals can also track multiple runners through the system.

ontracx founders

Lifelong running pleasure

OnTracx is the brainchild of Rud Derie, Senne Bonnaerens and Kristof De Mey.


As CTO, Rud Derie leads the development of cutting-edge load measuring technology. At OnTracx, he can perfectly combine his love of sports and technical expertise.

CEO Senne Bonnaerens is a dedicated trail runner who’s no stranger to the setbacks of injuries. Armed with a PhD in biomechanics, he firmly believes in using a solid scientific approach to help runners stay injury-free.

Business Developer Kristof De Mey has a clinical background and a PhD in physical therapy. Above all, he is very passionate about sports, health and medical innovations.

Official product launch in WATT The Firms

OnTracx is a great example of how the combination of tech and health can lead to better healthcare, namely by focusing on prevention. On April 23, their product will be presented in our event space at WATT The Firms!