imec en medvia partnerships
Partnering with imec.istart and MEDVIA
February 22, 2024

The location where WATT The Health is being developed is all about connecting health, tech & innovation. In the business center we welcome entrepreneurs from the HealthTech, MedTech and SportTech sectors. To give these tech companies every opportunity for success in the best possible environment, we joined forces with experts in the field. Imec.istart and MEDVIA are two of these!

Imec.istart, a backbone for start-ups

Imec is short for Interuniversitary Micro-Electronics Center. It is an independent R&D organization active in the field of nanoelectronics and digital technology, funded by the Flemish government to conduct research and stimulate entrepreneurship and the creation of new start-ups and spin-offs in this field.

imec istart

Within this mission, imec has developed an acceleration program called imec.istart, in which it supports entrepreneurs in the early development of their start-ups toward market, funding and internationalization. They do this through investment, personal coaching and knowledge sharing within the tech community. The link between imec.istart and WATT The Health is a solid added value for the tech companies that will reside in WATT The Health!


MEDVIA stimulates innovation in healthcare

MEDVIA is an industry-driven network promoting healthcare innovations at the intersection of medical technology, biotechnology and digital technology. Established as a public-private partnership with the Flemish government, MEDVIA facilitates and supports collaborations between health technology companies, research institutions, universities, hospitals and patient advocacy groups.

Events and mentorship days at WATT The Health

Companies renting an office in WATT The Health will be able to rely on the knowledge and resources of both imec.istart and MEDVIA. At defined times, experts from MEDVIA will be present in WATT The Health and can be booked by entrepreneurs, and imec.istart will run their open offie hours there several times a year. Constantly innovating tech companies in the healthcare sector are sometimes facing very specific challenges. Access to this expertise is critical to their future plans and growth.

In addition, both organizations will host several events annually in WATT The Health’s event space, and in which residents can participate for free. For the companies, it means a low-threshold way to expand their network and gather knowledge. The location is almost literally within reach (maximum a few floors up to be exact).

Nice surplus: imec.istart will also give their start-up healthtech companies the chance to reserve a free coworking spot in WATT The Health. This will allow them to build their business amidst more mature entrepreneurs and experts.

Pending completion of the site, these events will continue at WATT The Firms and WATT Factory.