Why we invest in proptech
November 23, 2023

Proptech stands for Property Technology, in other words, real estate technology. Those who want to make an impact must move forward. That’s why Revive invests heavily in proptech and innovations that help support our projects. We even more so make it our priority. Various proptech applications are also deployed at WATT The Health.

The term “real estate” is very broad and so are the technologies used in the real estate sector. Proptech is here to help. Not only during the construction process, but also when selling or renting real estate or to make life easier for residents. Think of tools that strengthen communication between (future) residents and the neighbourhood, a housing module that clearly maps a real estate project for future buyers or tenants, automations, smart homes, innovations to reduce the ecological footprint and so on.

Ghent Proptech Startup Weekend

Ghent Proptech startup weekend

One of the ways we promote innovation is through the Ghent Proptech startup weekend, an annual event that takes place at our WATT The Firms offices.

In addition to dozens of companies coming to pitch their innovative ideas, experts and entrepreneurs are invited to share their knowledge and experience. Finally, a jury presents an award to the most promising concept.

Innovative concepts are deployed in construction projects

Our internal innovation teams develop concepts to apply in our projects.

For instance, there is a technology that produces insulation material from locally grown hemp, there are experiments with using the same hemp to ecologically clean up historically contaminated land, there is a tool that ensures transparent communication with the neighbourhood during construction and so on. We are happy to support these initiatives by deploying them at our various sites.

🏆 Second price Belgian Proptech Trophy 2023

Proptech lab is the Belgian community of innovators in the real estate value chain. Our mission is to foster innovations in construction and real estate, and to ease the digital transformation of the industry. Every year they reward innovative real estate projects during the Belgian Proptech Trophy, and we won an award with WATT The Health! We were second in the “Project of the year” category.

Jeroen Coupé
Do you have an innovative idea that can be integrated into our projects?
We are always looking for companies working on circular building, water management, energy transition, home automation… Do you know such a company? Contact our impact manager We will be happy to support them in developing their concept!